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Why do you blog? Why Blog?

Picture By Dave The BlogWorld  Expo Photographer

Picture By Dave The BlogWorld Expo Photographer

Why do you blog?

Tell us how you found blogging and why you do it here is mine.

It all started with looking through a few business books with a friend his name is Keith Ambrosino. He came across this ad for becoming a dealer of this clear permanent spray that when added to a license plate made it invisible only to the red light cameras. So I joined up i built a website from around this product and called the site and my business its no longer in use but has made more money in a short time then anything so far but that’s all changing now. I was asked to do the Channel 7 News as the new york city dealer two TV news and the  NY Post when the Post mentioned Smoke Screen Plate in the Sunday paper the order came in like I was selling funnel cake at the town fair.

After all the fame of mainstream news had passed  I was left with a one product site and turned towards affiliate marketing. Then I attended the for free this help me learn about blogging that I already heared about on CNN Money. So I started an info blog about Traffic cameras and called it Traffic Camera News. The url read From there was born then I though of other that could learn from me all I need to Learn from others or on my own coming into and new media. So the only thing that could come next Was the Bloggers School brand first with the Internet radio then and finally

So that’s how it all go started so if you want to get started go ahead and do it. Have fun and love what you do and you will see you do it well.

The reason I blog is because I can!!!


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First Bloggers School’s post at WordPress

Bloggers School was created by John A Ciampa and is partners with Carolina Frederico. We are Inventors, Bloggers and Citizen Journalists interested in connect people to other people or ideas that can make their dreams happen.

Our jobs is figure out, study and help to adapt individuals to communication and relationships in the future. By the way, right now, when the world is on line, the present is the future.

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