Bloggers School

The Learning System of the Future


Bloggers School is an educational source for social media and web 2.0 technologies. We think or ourselves as a marketing school for the today’s emerging technologies.

Bloggers School’s aim is to educate entrepreneurs, traditional publicists, and business owners on marketing themselves online with strategies enhancing search engine rankings and direct mail.

We teach our students the basics and advanced concepts of blogging and podcasting with end results on better communicating with their target audience through new and current Web 2.0 marketing methods while enhancing their brand recognition through the online media that we teach.

Our management team currently has a combined library of over 20 blogs in various topics, including, but not limited to, sports, news, commentary, adult content, and online radio. So, our management team’s expertise comes solely from real-world experience that we will convey to our students.


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  1. The biggest internet trend is coming now. Anyone can broadcast free and live on social media sites and phones. Most people don’t know about it yet. Billions of people will learn and that is the opportunity. The question is who will be in front of the trend and making money and who will behind the trend spending money?

    Comment by John Arnold | March 30, 2013

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