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Using different blog platforms to help build a web presents

Now days there are so many choice in Blog platform or software and host. So how do you find the right fit for your site.  That easy I will answer that in three parts.

First what is your blogs goals to make money or not to make money?

If it money you are trying to make by affiliate marketing or sponsors or ads then does not want you. If your not after money this is a great place to get your blog hosted and a url with wordpress on the end of it. this way you are owned by them the same way Googles  Blogger does with it’s

Second Do you own your .com for your brand?

If you own the .com then you can use for the software and get a host like Blue host godaddy,     hostgator and more this will allow you to use Ads,sponsors ,affiliate marketing and more.

Third how passinate you are about blogging your topic.

How much passion is behide the blog are you here to stay or are you testing the waters. Start off slow if you need and if you want more kick it up a knotch.


Visit our new site on wordpress

our old site that we are still going to use on Blogger

and join us on for Eye candy web 2.0 hot tools and cool site to power your blog.

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Enjoy all the blog tips.


January 5, 2009 - Posted by | Blogging and Social Media

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